The 5 big dharma that man perfume uses

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The man uses the 5 big dharma of perfume: Although there are a lot of ladies to like “ man sweet ” in the life, but the man to perfume of put on the skin, they are very captious actually whether does he assume those who have that one sweet charm. The man of perfume of put on the skin can let a woman feel they have little unruly, but used perfume and hear easily do not come out, can let a woman feel he has grade, and the man that insists to use a kind of perfume can let a woman feel he has safe feeling, be an upright person dependable, persistent.

Accordingly, if the man does not know how to choose to suit his perfume, had better not use it, and the man of perfume of put on the skin of those glibly bad language makes a person intolerable his fragrance. suggests the man of perfume of put on the skin wants to be sure to keep in mind 5 give up:

1. The man of smoking had better not use perfume, after that mixed smoke ingredient quite sweet, can expel the person all round entirely.

2. The man uses popular avoid by all means too thick, too much, the sort of is in beside you via outdated sweep the man of a sweet wind can make a person disgusting.

3. The woman makes individualize with the man's perfume, but if the man used feminine perfume to be able to be suspected that to he has a place, especially the sort of sweet sweet model, suit a man least of all.

4. The man avoid by all means that uses perfume uses too much hair oil or appetizing fixature, rub silk, the hair-oil flavour lump on the perfume flavour that goes up personally otherwise and head, “ Philistine ” is blocked hard.

5. The man that is full of dirt had better not “ fills sweet ” , still maintain “ raw ingredient ” is better, if the man of a dust of all over the body with tangy aroma appears before you, be afraid you can be unable to bear or endure the eye that wants him suspicion and oneself nose.

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