The 6 dharma of perfume of man put on the skin

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The man comes with perfume him deck becomes fashion already, different temperament also can be shown fully in the grade that uses perfume from men. But, if perfume put on the skin is gotten inadvisable can give muscularity of man evil spirit to sell at a discount. Accordingly, the man of perfume of put on the skin does not want as far as possible with ” of strike a reef of the following and no-no “ :

1, the man scarcely of perfume of put on the skin can be smooth foot wears sandal, meet the person as wearing business suit wear gym shoes to let a person cannot be used to euqally otherwise.   

2, the man that is full of dirt had better not “ fills sweet ” , still maintain “ raw ingredient ” is better, if an aroma is tangy the man of dust of all over the body appears before you, be afraid let a person be accepted hard.

3, after the man uses perfume as far as possible little smoking. If mixed the flavour after smoke flavour,be very easy cause all round the person's allergy.

4, the man tastes with perfume avoid by all means too thick. Because one sweet wind ” lets a thick “ oneself are borne hard, more what is more,the rather that others?

5, the man avoid by all means that uses perfume uses too much hair oil or appetizing fixature, rub silk, the hair-oil flavour lump on the perfume flavour that goes up personally otherwise and head, “ Philistine ” is blocked hard.

6, the perfume that the woman uses a man is to individualize, but if the man uses feminine perfume to be able to be suspected grade has a problem, especially the sort of sweet sweet model, suit to be used at the man least of all.

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