Female gay man uses 3 position of perfume

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Want to build first-rate appointment emotional appeal, the man is the what place that should want to wipe perfume in the body well. An investigation can help a man probably, investigation shows most 3 position that accept female gay man to use perfume.

The first: Cervical, occupy 28% .

These females think cervical make them feel the heartbeat is quickened most, sit sometimes on board, wind is blown head on, smell the fragrance on male friendly neck, the feeling is very comfortable.

The 2nd: After ear, occupy 23% .

These females think if ear hind has be like the aroma that not have, your person wants to be close to more.

Paratactic the 2nd: Chest, occupy 23% .

They think, the man that uses perfume in chest is the sexiest, also have safe feeling most, your person can'ts help wanting to lean before his bosom.

The 3rd: Artifice, occupy 14% .

They think to use a hand to hug gently when the man when her, but faint smelled aroma is the most attractive. ---Perfume net

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