"Perfume is mad " the skill that Zhang Baizhi uses perfume

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Saying Zhang Baizhi is a “ perfume mad ” is divided nevertheless absolutely, because she says,is the perfume of each brand almost in the home. Now, we come to those who listen to mad " of this " perfume use sweet skill!

Perfume at her, still attract a magic weapon of the opposite sex, "I love perfume very much really, I tell you, every man, no matter you are so long that you float pie-eyed, but there is sweet smell on your body, that schoolboy is some certainly to your feeling.

To the use circumstance of perfume, special proposal of Bai Zhi is perfume also should match when wearing a swimsuit. Because “ swims when, the smell of perfume will be particularly sweet! ”

First-rate tries popular method is, pick a kind of scent only in shop, a few ground spray in artifice or the back of hand, come back to leave namely, the alcohol in letting perfume volatilizes as your temperature nature, only fragrance makes you can fine serif check.

When picking scent, do not try the scent that sniffs 3 kinds of above. Try often sweet, the smell that can let you achieves saturated status, make you almost impossible to distinguish the distinction between distinct fragrance.

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