Teach you to all over body to be born to use sweet little skill spicily

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As a result of weak take sweet time spicily shorter, if sprinkle perfume after artifice, ear to wait for traditional position, follow sweat brandish diverge very easily to use up. Charming of silver-colored peaceful general merchandise orchid the sell member of shop recommended two kinds of extraordinary spray method, one kind is the hand lifts scent-bottle, draw curve along his body, spray in sky, form a perfume rain; One kind is to be in before the bosom on the dress (blame white dress) the form that press a heart sprays. Wear ” like “ so one thin and the clothes that shows bright, if have,be like the breath that not have to had better be heard most.

What we must remind you is, gush of perfume of general of avoid by all means reachs summer facial, cervical wait for the place with exquisite skin, lest be basked in by the sun, occurrence shading.

Using sweet highest compass is cascade apply sweet

Like if wear the dress,had better not exceeding 3 kinds of color, also want to follow onefold principle to the assurance of odour, if the flavour “ of bath dew, embellish skin dew and perfume eachs does things in his own way,think ” , next jumbly together, the taste that makes you send out necessarily then cannot distinctive and abiding. A lot of perfume roll out “ three-in-one ” or “ now suit of ” of a few syncretic: Bath, wear skin of arenaceous, embellish product and the perfume such as dew, sparge are same sweet model, with sweet ace popular will undertake ”—— of popular way of “ cascade apply is used with these suit same sweet model the bath of series shows chamfer qualitative bath, wipe later on embellish skin dew, the perfume on last in season or sweet atmosphere sparge, , this kind of method may be a bit extravagant, but every systemic fluctuation, pore is sending out the feeling of unified fragrance is very marvellous certainly.
Sweet atmosphere sparge is the closest fashionable personage is new bestow favor on, the action of similar perfume, but flavour a few more delicate, important is OK spray directly go up in the skin, protect skin, with sweet kill two birds with one stone. KENZOKI has a cheerful Jing to show sparge, use balmy treatment, the Jiang Hua that contain a lot ofis herbaceous, already can moist skin, can cheerful life-giving and slow pressure, need only gently one gush, massage gently again, the instant is absorbed, very convenient.

Of different situation with sweet regulations

Resemble me such, the person that uses a kind of perfume only falls behind a bit undoubtedly, in fact, perfume also is the same as the dress same (I am emphasizing this) ceaselessly, a different outfit and circumstance, with sweet different also. Say simply, when the woman puts on a dress, suit to spray the perfume of flavour of woman of the relatively full-bodied, enchanting that take a place, and the recreational outfit such as the jeans suits pure and fresh weak sweet. As to the circumstance, discrepancy yard closes by day, elegant weak sweet the esteem that is oneself and pair of others, can choose the perfume of beautiful sweet tone; And the perfume in the evening is OK individual a few, zhennifu is worn with respect to direct mark on a scent-bottle of · Luo Peici “ is haggard, sexy the model of written characters such as ” , this is an aptness feeling, mad undoubtedly wild girl is in nightly bubble, the perfume that the clique uses to time; And the perfume of pink ENVY Me of GUCCI, accumulate contain peony, litchi, pink muskiness, Tan Mu to wait sweet model, it is to send out allegedly the fountainhead with discharge glamour and delighted sexual love, when female appointment of very comfortable operable Yu Nan flirts.
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