Small method: The aromatic perfume that let is more abiding

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Where does your habit brush perfume? Perfume is brushed there can be different sweet atmosphere effect in different position. Want to make fragrance abiding, graceful and restrained, you can want to see the bottom should brush perfume where well.
Small method: The aromatic perfume that let is more abiding

The side in elbow inside and knee is to make aroma graceful and restrained, fast two big focal points!

Brushing is common sense on pulse, brush actually in elbow inside or it is the side in knee the meeting is better: Because the skin temperature of these two place is high, the activity is much, can more businesslike send out aroma.

If not have,the strategy after ear hind and neck has in Yu Re

The delegate place that brushs perfume is well-known after ear hind and neck. Brush what if if not have,have,meet not only in aroma of these two places to diffuse, when somebody stands by your ear or facial ministry, can produce the result have this place only. Knowing control dosage is the most efficient strategy way.

Brush in lumbar border fragrance abiding

If think fragrance is abiding, might as well brush go up in filar socks. Hope when you fragrance is abiding, hope again aroma by fall and go up send out wind around, brushing full ham is very good method on inside, ankle inside, knee inside and hose.

Brush disappear not easily in the aroma on filar socks

The person that although be on filar socks,brushs perfume is very few, but before put on, use shower nozzle spray first one, have the faint smell of unexpected, and aroma is OK and abiding. It disappears more not easily than brushing the aroma on skin.

The dispersion of aroma is commonly by fall and go up. Lumbar border is the boundary that perfume loses by force, your lumbar border sends out just about the part of hazy and elegant aroma. When you go to an appointment to have a meal or be visited to others home, perfume must be brushed so that approach body lower part than ever, for instance knee inside, this is common sense.

If brush,be near neck, ear, tepid air waves up when coming loose, aroma also can come on float accordingly, do not send to make perfume downy pungent, should brush in lower than lumbar border place.

Person a long time is brushed in the place with frequent activity

Billowy or body part stream is airtight of the space inside, brush please in the place with frequent activity, for instance ankle inside, knee inside, skirt is placed place, these places can make aroma cover comes dispersedly, downy and not pungent.

Because the person is much, must not brush the perfume of excessive like bottles of overturn is whole perfume. If you want to be in,brush a body and the look that outdated draws everybody, the place might with frequent activity can be developed incisively and vividly.

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