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Perfume of crystal hall car introduces

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Company of handicraft of briny brilliant hall devotes oneself to crystal car on inside sweet adorn article, the design with crystal sweet car and make, aim a crystal mystery, pure, colorful and the person that aromatic and delightful one side brings each love the car.

There are 2 to register a trademark below company division, brand of ” of “ crystal hall basically devotes oneself to the design that car of crystal of the high end in etc of crystal car sweet wind acts the role of and production, its brand falls to have two kinds of big products at present, one kind is crystal car sweet wind, another kind is scented tea crystal sweet.

Brand of ” of “ ease station is main the crystal car of low end in offerring is given priority to with perfume.

Two brands are aimed at the different consumptive group in the market and consumptive habit respectively, no matter you like the crystal car of which one type to act the role of, crystal hall can be you
Show on the product that combines your grade.

Product of ” of brand of “ crystal hall introduces

The product below banner of ” of brand of “ crystal hall all uses entrance scented tea to be carrier, because this ability lets the concept of crystal car a place with a draught be able to perfect implementation, also cast off traditional crystal at the same time the situation that leakage of perfume come unglued, liquid corrodes appearance dial to wait for awkwardness.

” of “ crystal scented tea introduces

Use an entrance to raw material is allocated and be become
Obtain international HACCP and SGS to bring level of all inspection check, be green environmental protection completely so
Do not contain any poisonous and chemical dissolvent
Abiding stay sweet be as long as 1-1.5 month
Sweet piece did not unseal can save 5 years

Crystal of ”(logo) of “ crystal hall is sweet piece translucence, stability and leave sweet time to be crystal material to spend a body character only custom-built.

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