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Guangzhou city love is special limited company of beautiful automobile articles for use is China's at present most professional market research and development, production, sale car scent adorns series product the enterprise at an organic whole.
Since Aiteli holds water oneself, specialization around “ closely the core of ” develops the strategy, professional production “ Aiteli perfume of ” brand car, a place with a draught of air conditioning of fluid of complement of balm, perfume, car is sweet a kind of sweet grass, air is fresh the Che Neifang such as machine is sweet adornment series product; With the technology innovation, sale innovation, management innovates, make Aiteli walks along swift and violent developing in the front row of industry all the time. Aiteli the technology innovates: Have force of powerful product research and development, introduce the equipment with advanced international; The qualitative check center with the technology of automation line production with the advanced attune sweet technology that uses France and raw material, advanced international, complete classics detects, produce manufacturing product, character is top-ranking, excelsior. Take the development of own intellectual property seriously, the product is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the technology innovates ceaselessly.

Aiteli sale innovates: Elaborate scheme, the sale channel of diversity, stable commerce platform, “ ” brand product sells as far as to Aiteli area of Euramerican, southeast Asia tens of many countries; Home market spreads all over the whole nation, have higher market to have rate, achieve beautiful performance repeatedly, good brand image is enjoyed in industry. The management of sincere letter, aiteli links the development of the development of the enterprise and client together closely, established trade strategic partner relationship.
Aiteli management innovates: Aiteli regards the development of the development of employee and enterprise as an organic whole, it is with the person this, weigh Caishoude, aiteli takes the development of manpower resource seriously very much, sea Na Baichuan, draw of all kinds and outstanding talented person, pay attention to the education to the talent, publicize company culture, enhance the integrated quality of employee and technical ability ceaselessly, aiteli is the group with a powerful actual strength.
Character is main line of Aiteli, innovation is development direction of Aiteli, deal with concrete matters relating to work, sincere letter, developing is Aiteli all the time importunate tenet, choose “ Aiteli ” brand product is you more well-advised choice.
To promote “ Aiteli further ” brand image, creat a better product, love spy beauty goes all out to become strong, with when hand-in-hand, accomplish best, “ ” contends for Aiteli start automobile articles for use the first brand.
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