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Sweet wave surely Ambi-Pur car perfume

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The first brand of European is popular wave surely the raw material that uses advanced perfume, build the core idea of the brand meticulously. In the vitreous body that glittering and translucent get rid of shows, the perfume with replete abiding and pure and fresh aroma, be able to extend the meaning gives richer brand additional value and personalized concept.
1. first sweet a kind of sweet grass an air officer instruction that go up turn to the strongest position.
2. eliminate is sweet cap aing kind of sweet grass.
3. faces what quarter have Ambi-Pur model of written characters outside, buy its Yu Xiangxun inside firm ground is buckled on.
4. ensures sweet bottle aing kind of sweet grass is maintained at up the position, the air conditioning that presses it gently correctly into the car go up. Accurate method: Will sweet a kind of sweet grass a plastic clincher after is light press leaf of air conditioning fan to go up. Try to be pressed gently according to graphic representation, in order to ensure sweet a kind of sweet grass already buckled firm on.
The air conditioning system of 5. open car ensures air current can connect Guo Xiangxun directly. Come when officer of fragrant air aing kind of sweet grass the strongest position, and those who send out is sweet had aed kind of sweet grass strong or car anchor within fuggy parking lot, can reach officer of fragrant air aing kind of sweet grass to weak position. Sweet a kind of sweet grass to be able to follow an individual by force to love air officer infirmly. When using a car every time, need to check air conditioning the car that go up is sweet a kind of sweet grass still appropriate reach firm ground to buckle on

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