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Masikani (Mascagni) is born in the Geliweidisa that is located in Zun An of Italian Ai Sha river small town. Was graduated from Italian Milan to block institute of Luo Shiji dress 1981, brought Ba Na of good friend case to be opened in Italian Milan 1982 advanced order make fashionable dress design atelier, its provide idiosyncratic design style to be permeated with alone rigorous, elegant, costly with sex appeal, rapid fashionable Italy, by VOGUE steer a boat Newhouse calls the person round of bright moon in “ sky”.

Masikani take-overed 1983 its are familial the Italy that has 100 years of histories enlighten Sa crystal production company, of the same age and development of combination of company of IFF international perfume go enlighten perfume of Sa dream crystal, this kind of perfume serves as honor and exalted mark later, buy is put in new roll out luxurious Laosilaisi on illusive house car. 1985 enlighten Sa rolled out the “ fashionable period that has American knight color”, perfume by be located in world perfume city the boss tall of the company treats Glass' Folagenade. Fox (George Fuchs) is special allocate, the modelling of meantime children's hair and natural and pure and fresh flavour, confused European mainland to represent the young generation of contemporary vogue. Homonymic 1986 series perfume obtained Dai Er. Award of institute of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of cloth collect law (the “ year of Del Profumo) is optimal perfume award ” .
The first Laosilaisi that entered an Asia in January 2003 is illusive opened international of Malaysia capital kuala lumpur to exhibit a center, make global fashion group open-eyed and clinking! The person of sweet transfer order of the quietly elegant decay that Laosilaisi is diffusing in illusive house car chases after a dream to trace to the source, its are big implement, stand aloof make with exalted crystal modelling person mind waves berth, this is enlighten the unreal of demon of “ speed per hour of Sa”. Of the same age, unreal of demon of “ speed per hour”Have the honor to win the award of “ luxuriant and beautiful of the foundation of perfume of top prize international of industry”. From now on, enlighten Sa companion is driving Laosilaisi, the perfume that lets a tradition deduces the athletic new style like dream. No matter be turn one's head the course of hundred years, still look into good future, enlighten Sa is reflecting the world to go up to honour the tradition that reachs the beauty and technology, boast the move is refined the perfect union with innovation. Enlighten the mark that Sa is perfume highest grade not only, be contemporary vogue more is classical.

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