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The love of a thousand li of AMOUR of KENZO/ tall Tian Xiansan (adore) lady perf

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After afterwards FLOWER appears on the market 6 years, KENZO AMOUR is another index perfume that represents east. ' does not drift with the tide too fast or of excessive roll out new perfume blindly, KENZO believes great work is need time and the ' KENZO perfume that throw a lot of energy talent to reach PATRIC GUEDJ of originality chief inspector so so say. The ‘ that holding to brand value is apart from ’ and ‘ love ’ , the love ' of ' a thousand li expresses its artistic concept adequately. To KENZO, of the love ' of this ' a thousand li rolling out is a very fundamental plan picture. The purpose should be a brand namely erect new model, it will become the FLOWERBYKENZO that rolled out 2000 besides, another of KENZO brand new pillar. To achieve this goal, we need intense, achieve a gender formerly, individual work, and the story that it tells is the core value that is based on KENZO consistent advocate.

The flower of western city, the love of Oriental a thousand li
FLOWERBYKENZO and KENZOAMOUR are KENZO provides representative perfume very much, communicate the different appearance that gives KENZO brand. One is representing urban flower; Another is love is itinerary. The beautiful sachet flavour such as a rose that is West and violet; The woodiness muskiness such as another oriental cherry that is east and bare jasmine flower is moved. These two bottles of perfume are setting with real viatic story, bring a person the atmosphere of extremely cheerful happiness.

The ’Daphn of tone sweet division that ‘ hobby travelséBugey
Daphn of 32 years oldéBugey came true when the dream made tone sweet division. 12 years old when, go vacationing in Grass, the work that she begins to move sweet division to major is interested quite. Her individual character and originality endowment got fix eyes upon. And be in 1996, she is invited to famous attune sweet company Firmenich works. In 10 years of in the past, I and male friend had turned a journey into the person that Shenyang is confused! We are not a journey cannot, our journey is one kind is full of happiness and love roam about the life, be one kind expeditionary the important time with the surprise.

Move sweet inspiration
The Duocaiduo that fashion into comprises one kind by souvenir of a lot of journeys of appearance spell cloth. Each journey is connected some plants the discovery of new smell, aesthetic, culture and fun: For example, the oriental cherry that blooms in garden of the Thanaka wood that traditional and flower, Burmese woman uses the Chi Suxin that grows before Borobudur cloister to wash a face, Japan is cultivated. . . These are to fill deep affective time.

Body stylist Karim Rashid
Karim Rashid has name quite in design group, be born at Caire, england and Egypt mix blood, be brought up in Canada, live in new York now. Because he is famed the design percipient of his in a popular style. Since the creation career that begins from 19 years old, he has designed more than 200 work, arrive from clothes tree mailbox, perfume packs lamps and lanterns, tableware has to high-quality goods. His Garbo Trashcan begins a quantity to produce before two years, had turned the delegate of the design into the symbol, the sale exceeds 2 million. Obtain American IDEA, home to act the role of the large award such as red dot of design and Germany especially.
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