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BOSS is brand-new appear on the market nightly and attractive culminating perfum

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January 2008, BOSS is brand-new the perfume of Essence De Femme that appear on the market, enthusiastic, enchanting, let a person mesmerize thoroughly, she is Femme By BOSS is nightly condense edition, explained a female faultlessly to be changed to the nature of night from by day. The perfume that she matures and is full of female temperament still was withheld by day of the Femme By BOSS of edition idiosyncratic, but her fundamental key can let her have depth more however, keeping nightly force while still can make delicate fragrance.

Nightly edition of Boss Essence De Femme is brand-new female sweet

If say Femme By BOSS,those who reveal is by day the beautiful breath of modern woman, so Essence De Femme By Boss created a kind of nightly attractive flavor: She uses blackart call in a choiceness that is full of contemporary feeling and mysterious group are right princess. The elite that she condenses created a mysterious combination that has delicate sweet smell again however formidably, a bit some costly and seductive woman is idiosyncratic add an attractive perfume, easily expression goes out to arrive from by day the natural decay of the night.

Will Andrews, the famous attune sweet division of P&G Fragrance comments on: Night is the time that females go to undertaking socialization with friends, at that time, she wants to become more attractive, and one has the perfume that exceeds strong appeal to be able to help females achieve this goal. Essence De Femme By BOSS can make a female perfect and upper so just about the culminating perfume that amounts to this kind of feeling.

Nightly edition of Boss Essence De Femme is brand-new female sweet

Essence De Femme By BOSS–Fragrant air

What Essence De Femme By BOSS serves as Femme By BOSS is nightly condense edition, reflected faultlessly arrive from by day the transition of evening. When days ends, need to spray simply only on a bit Femme By BOSS, the glamour that lets your intoxicate lasts whole night.

Move before: Honey orange and blackcurrant take the lead in sending out the attune before giving those who be full of fruit flavour, and of delicate small Cang Lan attractive fragrance sweet proper balance fruit is sweet with the mixture smell with sweet flower, relaxed and pure and fresh.

Move in: What the core body of perfume reveals female soft beauty is idiosyncratic, her chroma included the rich Bai Hua in perfume, thousand gold cane, oriental lily and the confluence with Bulgaria petaline rose, build a quality of a material like silky bright butter to send out the 100 beautiful sweet smell that give soft butterfat taste, accomplished this one thereby powerful however delicate perfume.
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