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The kiss of lady perfume atmosphere that appreciates 8 years of Chun Xia confuse

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Send out as modern woman fashionable, self-confidence and modern individual character, 08 sweet atmosphere of Chun Xia fill your person cannot the flavour of the woman that confuse appearance of ascertain, perhaps be permeated with sweet happiness ray, or it is to have free from vulgarity and refined flavor, yi Qingchun also matures, but suit nowadays new generation absolutely ideal of decisive and brave, zealous pursuit and outstanding new female.

Weak essence of woman of AP STRIP new dance

Weak essence of woman of AP STRIP new dance

Place of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of bamboo of the day other bud of the perfume tree that original spirit is moved by different national condition, iris and wave is hypnotic, be embraced by the heat place of amber oil then, haitian sweet root grass, precious exotic woodiness and muskiness, after be being coordinated with temperature, from send out in skin a 來 , commentate the truest art that gives naked body.

Phenanthrene pulls case admire (weak perfume of wonderland of Salvatore Ferragamo) profusion

Phenanthrene pulls case admire (weak perfume of wonderland of Salvatore Ferragamo) profusion

Pure and fresh, elegant, soft, spunky, vigor 4 shoot reach well-rounded atmosphere, moved sweet division Karine Dubreuil to create Incanto Heaven sweet atmosphere, make its send out the beautiful fruit fragrance like demon unreal, your person is intoxicated.

Luo Aiyi aing jade-like stone (Chloé) weak essence

Luo Aiyi aing jade-like stone (50ml of Chloé) weak essence

Brand-new and classical sweet atmosphere, the originality that takes current and fashionable woman, self-confidence and independent spirit, pure and fresh the breath of soft beauty, suit to love fashionable free spirit; Before the small Cang Lan in flavour is light commentate piece spring come breath, in flavour is full-bodied the peony flower of full city is sweet, always tender hover is sending a tip; After that flavour is just as afternoon inn of Pierre Herme cake the Ispahan of taste of a litchi, full sweet in the sick at heart that takes a silk, do not know how be familiar with ineffably piece on mind.

Jill · Situerte (Jill Stuart) is homonymic weak perfume

Jill · Situerte (Jill Stuart) is homonymic weak perfume 50ml

Flavour is sweet and juicily melting fruit before sweet; The romance that what flavour is accompanied in and come is contain beauty temptation spends fragrant air; Flavour is warm and full-bodied sexy muskiness after, amber settleclear clear is blended in in the organic 饗 banquet that is enmeshed at full-bodied the pride of China and cedar, herb and muskiness to interweave in fully clean atmosphere, depict gives Jill · Situerte (the “ with distinctive Jill Stuart) is pure and sexy ” impression.
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