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Elegant Shi Landai (sweet atmosphere of set limit to of summer of Estee Lauder)

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Arrived again good time of Chu Xia, elegant Shi Landai (Estee Lauder) is special roll out sweet atmosphere of 3 summer set limit to: Series of sweet atmosphere of set limit to of summer of profusion of elegant Shi Landai, lead the wonderful atmosphere that enters enthusiasm of Bin of a confused.

Inspiration comes from 3 elegant Shi Landai's most welcome sweet atmosphere product, what the design of body of set limit to of series of sweet atmosphere of profusion summer set limit to is enthusiastic intense heat of summer not only is midsummer and street bring the cool meaning of how much and relaxed, it is ladies more the optimal associate that sexy on beach sandal and modern salon dress up and fittings. Forgive rich appeal, lively enthusiasm and the softness that the summer sea wind that the summer sweet atmosphere that is full of fashionable style takes warm intoxicate successfully, sun kisses is fine sand and melting and fresh and tender bunch form a cluster the flower builds the summer regale that come out.

While the summer comes, the set limit to of summer of profusion of beauty sweet atmosphere of soft beauty of the bottle of set limit to of summer of profusion of joyous ooze sweet atmosphere that lets blazing heart be enmeshed in bottle of pure and fresh and wonderful set limit to of summer of profusion of sweet atmosphere of pure temper by dipping in water, lively enthusiasm and romance bottle is medium. 3 profusion summer is the vogue of bottle of sweet atmosphere set limit to, distinctive and the design of flowers totem body that Qing Dynasty of god making a person enrages bright, will become ladies more today a star with the most dazzling 裡 of summerly beach bag.

Besides outer blank design, these 3 classical set limit to design perfume, as long as gently one gush can send out hearten of a pure and fresh and cool recipe, instant your tired out heart, slow mood and pressure. Get on next sending out to give his all over most the elegant Shi Landai that love is sweet atmosphere breath, the mood will get more unprecedented comfortable with relaxed.

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