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Signed world champion Qi Hui Chau grams to build China brand swimwear

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0, 16, to "life passion" as the theme of the spring and summer of 2011 grams Island new conference was held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province grand. "After years of sedimentation and development of the continent grams has become well-known swimwear brand. This year, we Will fully enter the professional swimwear market, to boost the popularity of professional, to create the Island g 'swimwear brand in China'. "Liu Jui-chin, chairman of Island grams, said at the press conference. Signed Qi Hui, world champion turned sports swimwear consultants As we all know, Qi Hui in the Chinese swimming community known as the "frog after" said. "Choose a continent grams of competitive swimwear QH consultants for the Island g swimsuit market brands into the popular professional and confident. Qi Hui's image is very Lease Hop Island grams of brand image for the realization of the dream world champion, Qi Hui small very hard, unyielding, that her personal ethos for many years and continents g will coincide with a solid stable company. "Chairman Liu Ruijin Said. According to reports, as grams of competitive swimwear Island consultants, QH will be from a professional point of view, swimming champion professional athletes and the identity of the research and development for the Island g swimsuit offer advice and design ideas for things Chinese competitive professional swimsuit Development of the industry to make its due contribution. Support the four major advantages Grams to create professional swimsuit Island As the market changes in consumer attitudes, a growing number of swimming enthusiasts began to focus on specialized equipment. Liu Jui-chin said, Chau grams after nearly three years of careful planning and hundreds of experiments, from the material, the version, process , Style four aspects in the professional swimsuit made a new breakthrough product. In material terms, Chau grams using the new high-tech functional fabrics so as to minimize the water resistance, increases the buoyancy; the edition type, the Island grams based on ergonomic principles, combined with fluid dynamics and bionics of To "Man clothes with" realm, to create a more suitable body swimwear; In the process, Chau g has a professional team of fashion design, tailoring and delicate, exquisite workmanship; in the style above, Chau grams is absorbed abroad Still elements, with stylish design to increase the athlete's self-confidence. Not only that, Chau grams also into low-carbon products, the concept of environmental protection, more than comfortable, to better meet people's movement of the support, guidance and help and protection. Breakthrough multi-industry category strategies bottleneck In addition to manufacturing traditional swimsuit, the Island grams also involved in yoga clothes, dance clothes, sports underwear and other dry areas. This year, the Island grams is heavy attack, a new push beach clothes, sailing clothing, and other series. "Island grams produced yoga clothes, dance clothes and navigation services have both a professional, comfortable and entertaining." Rui Jin Jieshao said that the current professional swimsuit Island grams have been closer to international standards, the future will be through a continent grams Series of marketing activities to further enhance its brand awareness.
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