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How to choose car perfume Weapon of China for your car

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Many owners, especially the private car owners will put a bottle of perfume bottle in the car, not only makes the car environment has become fragrant, pleasant, and all kinds of perfume bottles of various shapes for the car added attraction. After a comprehensive survey of various media, the current market, all kinds of car perfume brands of varying quality, the price disparity, many products do not even have manufacturers and venue, and some just bad perfume essence, pigment and chemical solvents Stir made. Present "has no relevant national standard", a car perfume market was mixed, the quality of the root causes of worrying. It can be said that most cars on the market today are counterfeit and shoddy products perfume. If you go online to search for what you can know that the cost of informal car perfume how low the price per kilogram was the hundred dollars, the cost per bottle, but a few dollars, but after bottling packaging, worth only by several Times, and the laying of a wide channel, perhaps in your home around the beauty shop, auto parts store you can buy these products, and prices will double. It should be noted, counterfeiters in order to reduce costs, use of poor quality and volatile Flavor of toxic solvents and chemical modulation of perfume, car perfume that often contain harmful ingredients aldehydes, on the car's health. Tend to cause skin irritation, headache, nausea, vomiting, eye irritation tears, pharynx Throat discomfort and other symptoms. Interior space is small, running for some time, air pollution, complex composition, this time through the respiratory tract of toxic substances into the blood, a major impact. Tip: to identify strengths and weaknesses of the method of perfume 1, their smell, it smells to stimulate, to see whether the exquisite packaging. 2, high-quality car perfume volatile uniform, little change before and after the taste, but inferior products will become increasingly short, and can not be completely volatile, sediments will be left behind. 3, inferior fragrance in the sunlight easily produce a chemical reaction, will change color or precipitate, or even explode! 4, the most effective way: to a large reputable auto supply store or large supermarket to buy regular brands. In this regard, the perfume on the car purchase, used car currently on the market is divided into aerosol perfume type, liquid-and solid-type three, how to choose, will be based on individual needs, 1, choose perfume as needed Do not go directly to buy perfume smell perfume, and second, through the news paper has been sprayed on the fur or the taste to decide on the flavor, some to eliminate odors, some to clear the mind, but some in order to maintain A good mood, want to maintain a balanced state of mind, may wish to choose a perfume with a calm effect, such as the cool smell of herbs, pleasant fragrance cologne, mint flavor, fruity, sweet aroma of flowers, which can Makes refreshing. Perfume also treat men and women, women more appropriate lemon, apple perfume, men are more suited to the natural fragrance, cologne incense, amber and incense, which are easier to accept when driving. Select a different season, different fragrances, like traveling by car owners, before a long journey, in particular, it is easy to doze off in the spring, should try to avoid selecting the sweet, sleepy fragrance makes easy to produce, not the taste of summer Too strong, fast volatile perfume hesitation, choose a light smell of hot days to avoid irritating the winter might consider refreshing fragrance. In addition, if your car air conditioning often, it is best to choose a strong perfume volatile for the timely removal of air conditioning caused the odor. 2, the method selection of quality perfume Production of high-quality perfume is not only beautiful, lasting fragrance, but also kill bacteria, odor removal, a good car perfume mainly fruit mostly flowers followed, followed by herbal. Some perfume ingredients harmful to human organs, especially on the respiratory system caused by different levels of stimulation, if buy low-quality perfumes, but also may cause secondary pollution of the car, it is proposed to make use of higher quality perfume
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