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Lancome Perfume Brand

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Lancome was born in 1935 in France, by Armand Petitjean (Amanda • Petitjean) founded the brand. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand, Lancome involved in skin care, makeup, perfume and other product areas, mainly for education, high income levels, ages 25 to 40-year-old mature women. Lancome makes record Monopoly of the global cosmetics market place of vision, write down the history of the world of beauty cosmetics page. Rose from a castle in France, by virtue of its lively temperament, in the vagaries of female psychology, the law in an uncertain fashion, the placid, full bloom for six years. This is LANCOME's charm, like the blurred face tough inner French woman, can not make you let go. Brand Concept For the leadership of popular, Lancome is definitely heading of fashion; For Weimei Rose, Lancome is always a symbol of that romantic classic; The lovely woman, Lancome willing for you to create brave new world of possibilities. Brand DNA Delicate, elegant, temperament, extraordinary charm Brand LOGO LANCOME the name of the concept comes from a castle in central France LANCOSME. The pronunciation of it, with a typical French macron instead of the castle were the "S" letters. Also, because the "Castle Lancome" around the plant a lot of roses, romantic mood, then rose to become the symbol of the Lancome brand. Brand, founder Armand that every woman is like roses, have their own characteristics and attitude. So on to the castle named brands, rose to become the LANCOME brand logo. Lancome has a trademark on behalf of the first of its three series of markers: Rose, on behalf of fragrances; Lotus, on behalf of skin care series; angel, make-up series.
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