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Arden perfume prices overseas purchasing bogus products sold only a few dozen

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"There is a heavy price of cosmetics, I often come to buy." A woman came to buy the boy told reporters. Reporter visits found that compared against the domestic brands, famous brands of Bo oceanic counter price of admission price difference between the larger shops, especially in South Korea, products from the West, causing the difference to reach several times. However, "the amount of content that make up the amount of energy?" Wang amount of letters. Arden nasal spray perfume prices Wang Hui Chang is a large wall around a marketplace to buy cosmetics, brand cosmetics are expensive. A chance opportunity, Wang Peng Peng said listening to the higher number of shops selling cosmetics can play a large discount, usually 5 fold Zuozuo. The visits, Wang made the status of recent developments really the case, is a shop in Suzhou, low price of brand-name cosmetics amazing. Information provided in accordance with Wang, the reporter conducted field visits. Is a shop in Suzhou, - Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Recovery Cream (ANR Eye) 15ml to sell 378 yuan, while the price of 480 yuan Bo cabinet, the gap is 102 yuan; Ms. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume 30ml nasal spray Bo counter price of 220 yuan, 58 yuan, but the shop; Fifth Avenue counter nasal spray perfume 125ml price of 640 yuan blog, shop price is 235 yuan; TheFaceShop counter whitening lotion white tree price is 195 yuan, 88 yuan price shop, white Tree cream counter price of 210 yuan, 95 yuan price shops ... ... Bo is the provincial capital in major cabinet wall around a marketplace Hui hundreds of thousand dollars easily brand cosmetics, why are some small shop, worth has suddenly shrunk into a 5 to 6? Ordinary like shopping as usual Miss Wang has found a strange thing: the same brand of cosmetics, for one, the price of a lot of difference. Such a high difference how is? Shop, from that, not into the wall around a marketplace Hui, do not hire counter, natural prices will benefit a lot worse. "We are no pages that declaration, if not those who pretend to the doomed, including demolition, also posted by the 'foreign inspection and quarantine' tag." Also, a shop is being shown to reporters for foreign currency to buy goods.
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