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Hong Yun butterfly kisses have to inform you how to choose clothes car perfume

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Perfume can be the biggest feature is the interpretation of "Dream Car beauty" of the classics, they can spend money to create a hundred pleasant fragrance of the air inside the small environment, so that your driving pleasure of driving in four seasons. Butterfly kisses big international flagship store in Hong responsible person rhyme sales clothing that winter, choose a car lemon balm can be refreshing. During the summer, choose a flavor of the fragrant mint seat, make you refreshing. Although the car is not worth perfume supplies, but it is an extension of the value is high. So how do you choose what car incense, the current vehicle on the market is the most fragrant products, Taiwan, Japan, and our domestics and international car incense is still a considerable distance. Both in very different price, buy a good general have been imported Hong Block hundred dollars, and buy a high-end products in the domestic production of a few dollars as long as eighty, and some selling in the streets, "Flora "Solid air freshener that is thirty yuan. December 7, 2010 8:30 am Central 2 sets of economic Channel broadcast of "poor quality perfumes change of troubles" cause for concern, several upholstery shop in Taiyuan, Shanxi perfume has been exposed, so the butterfly kisses Hong Miss Zeng Yunyi suggest that users, should buy car perfume, too much money or not, although the volume of a variety of products are the same size, the surface is also quite similar, but there are very different manufacturing principles, a good product by the perfumers use of natural and synthetic perfumes, after repeated experimental deployment into the essence of different flavors in proportion to the base compound vehicle can emit a variety of wonderful spices aroma. Good products are not only beautifully produced, lasting fragrance, but also kill bacteria, ridding the smell. The smell will soon be inferior flavor, but also in the odor can not be compared with good products, smell for a long time can also cause headaches cause distraction. At present the commonly used spices are aerosol type, liquid-and solid-type three. Model aerosol mainly by the use of incense fragrances, solvents and aerosol spray composition can be sprayed into dry and wet fog-type, and other varieties. The fragrance in the deodorant can cover some special smell inside the vehicle, such as luggage taste, tobacco, fish smell, and taste and other small animals. Model of liquid in the car with the spices are more common with the spices, the user will be more. It is a mixture of flavors and volatile solvents, served in a variety of artistic attainments of the container. Solid car with incense mainly to flavor mixed with some material and then compression molding. Some material used inside the aromatic products, such as the smell of flowers made of fabric, made of ceramic art with the flavor sets pen. Need to remind you that it is best not put the car in the foreground with the spices board, the aroma of incense products that will quickly evaporate if you park your car in the open air where the sun will make the car a long time aroma becomes very strong, serious cases will overflow liquid spices and corrosion front board finishes. In addition, the perfume bottle on the front panel may also occur when a terrible accident, "troubles." In general, the vehicle's flavor and color of spices are interrelated, such as lemon yellow, grass green for the green apple flavor, strawberry pink, fragrant, fresh and green for the pine fragrance, purple grape aroma, creamy white to jasmine incense, light blue or light green as the mint flavor, orange-red to cherry incense. Therefore, use of incense in the selection of cars, just look for the color to determine if you can flavor the hands of the spices. Of course, fine to use the classic interpretation, so that Hong Perfume butterfly kisses with you onto the road of romance!
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