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2010 Chanel N ° 5 perfume soap Christmas Series V

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Two new creation, capture N ° 5 of the classic legend, to show the magic charm of perfume ... With the new Chanel Eau de Toilette and perfume soap 五号 combination brings new opportunity for us to release the eternal magic of N ° 5. A legendary perfume Always mysterious N ° 5, over the years has been transformed into a legend. Filled with mysterious atmosphere in the atmosphere, N ° 5 lead us to re-experience the fragrance of the unique structure of the essence. ... Exciting bottle adjustment from the Comoros Island, sesame oil orange blossom tree flowers and Glass, and reinforce this through the powerful effects of acetaldehyde. May the main tune is haunted by the breath of the rose and Grasse jasmine. Sway in the sandalwood incense wood trace gas, into the Bourbon vanilla and vetiver fragrance. Olfactory pyramid: Glass bottle tune of orange blossom, Comoros Island, sesame oil tree flowers, acetaldehyde Grasse jasmine main tune, May Rose Base notes of sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, Bourbon vetiver The new Chanel Eau V The perfect embodiment of At Christmas, giving fifth Chanel Eau de Toilette more luxurious, more feminine style of the beautiful bottle. Magnetic spray bottle and press the ingenious design Creative design, even if the pursuit of the ultimate perfect man, able to meet the inner desire to ... Detached mood perfume Most want to be kissed sprinkled on the skin. Chanel Eau de Toilette V can be arbitrary enjoy sway. Spray-like lingering twilight in the air. Close your eyes. Follow intuition. Deep breath. Hard feelings ... and of course, you can re-use a small amount during the day, continuation of fragrance charming atmosphere. The fifth Chanel Eau de Toilette spray directly on skin or clothing to bring for your aromatic mist-like, closer to feel its breath. Even shines on a handkerchief, slide handbag and enjoy the fragrance muffled sense of pleasure. Finally, the most elegant gesture to close the magnetic cap light will also be N ° 5 in which all the secrets hidden closure. Combination of Christmas this season, Soap perfume, Chanel presents the same period elegance, exudes a faint breath of the three N ° 5 perfume pink soap combination. 75 grams of the boxy, the bubble can produce rich, detailed, gentle wash the skin, but left the soft light and Shannon atmosphere.
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