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HERM è S, 24, faubourg

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" HERMèS —24, faubourg "
24 Faubourg is the female perfume that French Hermès manufactured 1995. With address of Hermes Paris headquarters 24, faubourg Saint Honore names " 24, faubourg " , body is shallow gold yellow, the vitreous bottle of amber colour and lustre, with Hermès a towel is the most classical product design of its body design. 24, faubourg inspiration comes from area of the mediterranean at enthusiastic romance, the indian ocean. Fragrance Qing Dynasty is pure, distinctive, accumulate contain dash forward the flower of flower-de-luce of jasmine of flower of Ni Xiya orange, hyacinthine, Egypt, sandal and herb sweet, Mu Xianghe is amber tone mixes be in harmony, the sky of indicative and fluent, clear, dark blue, send out the vigor of the sun and bright, those who present early morning is bright and clear cool meaning; Reach and in what the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. divides is blazing with sodden Can

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