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CHANEL, Chanel N ° 19

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" CHANEL —Chanel N°19 "
N°19 perfume is with sweet Nai the birthday of children person will be a name on August 19, follow N°5 perfume with concise the number that notes easily names, so sweet Nai the perfume that children person recommends last times personally, name for N°19. This perfume also is sweet Nai the perfume with children the most commonly used person, the fragrance of light weak nature, let him cannot defy your self-confident and attractive elegant demeanour. The birth of this perfume 1970, the perfume that the metropolis woman place that is avant-courier of young, own, thought only designs. Body design is like N°5, simple and fluent line, do not break in grace easy. Sweet smell of this name drifting a world is pure and fresh and natural, grant the sense that person spring returns the earth. Belong to those motivation strong, place situation spends independent woman.
Cedar of type flower sweet wood is sweet model
Tone sex
Galbanum is moved before
Neroli, orris, leather is moved in sweet
End moves liver mosses of fir,

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