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Vivienne WESTWOOD -- Libertine

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" Vivienne WESTWOOD ——Libertine "
The Vivienne Westwood that comes from England leads the whole world to rock and roll vogue, be like the acme delegate that halfback sends, do not get the style that the tradition manacles, allow 70 time rock and roll Pang Ke and the neo-romanticism of 80 time did clear annotate on! In the creation of inchoate Vivienne inspiration comes from the second culture at street popularity, and destroy Pang gram culture mediumly, flirtatious element tries to eliminate. Vivienne Westwood rolled out Libertine series perfume 2000, the crown ball that there is Weiweian on the scent-bottle of fine neck glass that has visual wallop indicates (Malta cross and the annulus of an earth starriness) , it is to differentiate more this confluence England is classic with the most classical mark when contemporary and joking brand.
The type is pure and fresh Hua Guoxiang
Grapefruit, pineapple is moved before
Lotus of lily of the valley, rose, honeysuckle, feral Jin, Lai is moved in
End attune is oak liver mosses, lichenous


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