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The type of 7 kinds of fragrance of perfume

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Like there are 7 basic notes in be just like music, there also are 7 basic perfume serieses in perfume world:

1. Balmy - beautiful popular series (Floral) it is phyletic and most, also most suffer female gay fragrance. Besides rose and jasmine fragrance relatively full-bodied besides, the special quietly elegant of other. Famous perfume has: Amarige, BlueGrass, Eternity, Joy, BverlyHill, Habanita, Floral, DanlaNuit, ChloeNarcisse. This kind sweet model but fractionize is a few kinds: Sweet - the flower is sweet, be like Boucheron, Chloe, OscardelaRenta, the flower is sweet - the fruit is sweet be like Tresor, pure and fresh - the flower is sweet (Floral-Fresh) is like Diorella, Diorissimo, Volupte.

2. Pure and fresh - grass green popular series (Green) this is compare fragrance one kind - the flavour of green careless faint scent with beautiful popular more exciting, more crystal series. By tender grass sweet, bracken alga is sweet, sweet with orange sweet mix and create the cool and refreshing sense that gives a kind of green weed. It is one of fragrance with 90 the most popular time. Of this kind of essence volatile taller, because this is multi-purpose,use at the motion outdoor. On eye preexistence bound famous pure and fresh - grass green fragrance - the flower is sweet (Floral-Green) perfume has Eternity, alliage, dune, escape, ventVert. , Y.

3. Classic - Xu Puhe popular series (perfume of Chypre) Xu Puhe is one of the oldest perfume on the world. According to legend is European the Crusades when Dong Zheng, bring back from Cyprus island. The fragrance of this kind of perfume does infatuation of bright, calm, your person. Contain a lot ofXu Puhe's sweet perfume to have Chypre, Dune, Femme, Kowing, MissDior, HalstonCouture, and Monparfum.

4. Fashionable - contemporary popular series (Modern, aldehype) this a series of essence discovers in 19 centuries end, synthesize means abstraction to come out artificially from the classics in alcohol and certain and special plant. Accordingly it offerred a kind of nature to do not have, very the individualizing flower that takes halfback slightly is sweet, if mix,the essence of natural beautiful popular series cooperates to rise, often still can produce a kind of surprising result. Be like experienced and worldly-wise of the ways of the world, mature and attractive sweet Nai 5 perfume give priority to with this kind of fragrance namely. Famous perfume has other: Arpege, Caleche, MadameRochas, WhiteLinen, Donna. (sweet Nai 5)

5. Mysterious - Oriental popular series (Oriental) aroma is powerful, exciting and long, have typical Oriental verve color. The composition of sweet, the pride of China compares contains muskiness, ambergris, herb tall, because this suits to be used in the evening, give a person a kind of hazy, nobility, elegance, mysterious temperament. She also is fragrance of popular all the time unabated, be like the world-class perfume Jicky that manufactured 1889 to still can be bought now. At present the famousest mystery - the perfume of Oriental sweet taste has YSL1977 year manufacturing opium (OPIUM) , the Shalemei that charming orchid manufactured 1925 (SHALIMRA) , and Amouage, BalaVersailles, Chantilly, Coco, Dioressence, Nahema, Poison, Samsara.
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