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Glass the small town of this France is given priority to with leather line of business originally. Lush of her climate warmth, natural environment, it is a ground that first-rate raises a flower. At the beginning of 16 centuries, the settle on of handicraft industry home of a flock of Italy this is cabinet and lovely, quiet and honest small town. They settle here come down, it is course of study in order to plant a flower, through the effort that comes hundreds years, make case is pulled actually period of the perfume that made a whole world. Arrived every year to spend time, the perfume division of the whole world can come in great numbers from each district, in order to send the perfume with new disinter.

The essence that Glass produces includes: Ritzy jasmine flower, month issues sweet, rose, asphodel, hyacinthine, violet, carnation and lavender.

Glass is 18 centuries name the birthplace of painter Fraonard, because this has a market,be a name with him. Press down Nayi to a tourist needs the perfume boutique that enter calls MaisonFraonard. Even Faner of renown perfume BalaVersailles(surpasses ball) the name that Fraonard place also chose to make on scent-bottle is drawn.

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