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Let sweet atmosphere promote your immanent glamour

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A bottle of delicate perfume, contained among them a lot of knowledge oh. Because taste the person's feeling always is very delicate, if taking care, appear easily awkward situation. Want to become play ace of “ flavour ” , can want to learn slowly, let sweet atmosphere promote your immanent glamour.

Q: Use the person of perfume for the first time, which should choose to plant sweet model?

The flower of pure and fresh tenderness is sweet model

If use perfume of too intense sexy perhaps olfactory for the first time, can choose more intense flavour only in the future, give others the responsibility insensibly. Think so the first time use perfume feels not at odds, might as well from pure and fresh sweet model begin.

Q: And dark he what love dates for the first time, which kinds of fragrance most can alluring he?

Not exciting Oriental flower is sweet model

Want to realize love, can choose to have not individual character, exciting sweet smell. A bit sexy Oriental flower is sweet model, want to fit amative mood more than pure light fragrance. Want to avoid powerful fragrance, go up in the ankle gently gush a few with respect to Ok.

Q: “ dates the day of ” , how to get a good impression?

Nancy flower is sweet, lively pure and fresh flavour, the first impression is very important, it is OK to should choose so the fragrance of project oneself. Gentle and quiet girl can choose white to spend popular series; The girl of extroversion can try a fruit sweet model.

Q: When having pressure, can perfume solve a problem?

The perfume of calm mood can help you solve a problem

Tender, comfortable flavour can make a person buoyant. Be in especially insomnia when, gush some rose water is on the pillow, the feeling is very romantic.

Q: When attending special party, how to choose perfume?

Perfume net, luxuriant east is sweet model more attractive

When attending a party, luxuriant sweet atmosphere suits quite. Sexy east tastes, reservation is mysterious. Very won't beyond the mark, in gush of ear hind, artifice a few OK.

Q: In the school or does the library suit what to kind of perfume use?

Not exciting pure and fresh series

The library that a lot of people collect, suit not quite with intense fragrance. Gentle flavour, with the dose that uses when little Yu Ping slightly, gush is on ear hind, artifice.

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