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Perfume relies on the controls perfume capacity that it has, can apply colours to a drawing gives all sorts of emotional appeal: ? of Dian of cowardly of temple  ⒂ is cheerful and nostalgic. Perfume can affect us not only through fragrance, the modelling of scent-bottle also is to reflect the grade with an uncommon perfume.
" perfume explanation "
Perfume the elapse as time, fragrance volatilizes ceaselessly, and the volatility of all sorts of flavor is different, this also causes different period of time to have different sweet smell, this also formed the basic conception of perfume structure. Call pyramid type commonly (or it is 3 rank type, three-layer type) the head of the attune before be being divided namely is sweet, medium like tone base sweet the last stage that moves with end is sweet 3 basic fragrance level. Tone includes the volatilizes the most easily part in perfume before, hold time is short, only a few minutes, action is to give a person first integral impression. Tone also has person to be moved for core in, the v before prep close behind shows, send out the main body fragrance of perfume, reflect perfume the mainest sweet model, want to last 4 hours the least commonly. End attune is the part with the most abiding fragrance, also be the part with the slowest play, it can maintain a day or be longer.
" animal sex raw material "
Muskiness is the grain brilliant account that pulls the extraction on body of deer of elegant musk deer from male happy horse, extraction process is beardless and killing musk deer deer, it is the fragrance in all flavor breed is most powerful, can stay in the drop in the handkerchief sweet 40 years.
Musk deer cat is sweet it is the secretion that comes out from the extraction in the system of a bag of genet rear, resemble butter a bit it seems that.
Castor is sweet a kind of Gong Zong that extracts from the fluid bursa of castor's lubricious butyric shape secretion. From the Christian era 9 centuries are used with respect to somebody, the person that use the earliest is an Arab.
Ambergris is the secretion after cachalot ate cuttlefish, posse floats roundly on the beach that intertropical offing and tide erode, shape size is differ. Air wants to blow 3 years the least before using.

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