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Perfume uses too much likelihood to have depressed disease

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Israel researcher says, perfume of female excessive spray may be the omen that contracts depressed disease, because depressed person smell can be injured certainly, easy cause daub perfume excess.

England " daily telecommunications signs up for " report, the university studies Telaweifu group discovery, certain disease can cause patient smell damage. Accordingly, smell is ineffective may be to suffer from go up the omen of serious illness. Consider to discover, the female smell that contracts depressed disease also is injured, bring about perfume of their excessive daub. Researcher thinks, depressed disease is psychological problem not only, return existence physiology matter. Study a proof before, depressed person when the illness improves, smell also increases subsequently. The expert says, this research applies to depressed disease not only as a result, still apply to oneself immunity disease, the doctor can use smell to detect auxiliary diagnose these diseases.

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