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Where is the effectiveness that how develops perfume adequately?

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Its use the dress to change everyday the mood is same, choose different sweet atmosphere, can build a different mood of course! The sweet atmosphere that rolls out recently has the effect that does task of as much as one likes. This is not intrigue of advertising conduct propaganda.

A research that according to science of foundation of research of American smell nerve Avery Gilbert of clerical chief inspector publishs makes clear, smell can affect mood and spirit, because differentiate,this is function of fragrance and processing memory, affective, the cause of same share is belonged to in the head. You tell how to choose to reach the effectiveness that develops sweet atmosphere below.

1. Do not make a choice according to the sweet atmosphere odour that sends out on friend body, because of genetic factor, the food that eat, disposition (especially disposition is fretted) wait, can produce sweat and affect the taste of sweet atmosphere. So, although use same sweet atmosphere, the individual's odour and sweet atmosphere can produce different chemical reaction, send out piece different sweet atmosphere.

2. Want to send out light aroma, might as well the choice is commonly used the same set product of sweet atmosphere, be like dew of skin of talcum powder, embellish and latex.

3. Besmear first before delicious atmosphere on embellish skin dew. Because dry skin can make the pink inside gorge rapid,send out, the embellish skin dew that should divide in order to contain crude oil first so and sweet atmosphere mix. Can make sweet atmosphere more abiding.

4. Avoid to spray sweet atmosphere go up in the dress, after mixing because of clothings fibrous odour and sweet atmosphere, meeting change sweet atmosphere is original and balmy.

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