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Many people, especially the lady likes to spray to oneself very much perfume, think perfume can add glamour to oneself. Perfume manufacturer also advertises greatly in ground of do one's best, make the life that perfume is full of us. In addition, in our every day object, for instance shampoo, cosmetic, baby protects skin to taste, the part that air also has perfume more in things of pure and fresh agent, catharsis.

But the security such as perfume of Lv of unified exam of very rare person, do not have a few people to be able to know make balmy agent need a variety of 5000 chemical part at least more. The chemical composition of every kinds of perfume can be amounted to 600 a variety of. In a variety of this 5000 chemical composition, do not have 20% to had done toxicity test only, the result is to contain noxiousness, it is dangerous to be labelled by many countries article. Other did not measure part poisonous, on the knees of the gods. If use more accurate instrument, can detect in the bedroom what contain a variety of 100 part, among them most component is foregone and poisonous.

The chemical part that already research discovers balmy agent is harmful to health, the harm to the skin, lung and cerebra particularly remarkable. A lot of people had used the side effect such as urticaria of the generation after balmy agent, dermatitis. Balmy dose is right chronic pneumonia especially the impact of asthmatic patient is very big. According to statistic, be in the United States only, be as high as 75%(about 9 million patient) asthmatic case of illness is caused by perfume. Fragrance concerns couplet with memory, this means balmy agent to be organized to cerebrum influential, this kind of influence poisons action for nerve namely. For instance, the agalloch eaglewood mellow composition that contains a lot ofin perfume and other and balmy agent can cause a mood grave, dismay is to endanger the respiratory system disease of life to wait even. A test that Japanese medicine bound does proved scent is right the influence of head of National People's Congress: Orange kind the action that fruity fragrance fights depressed medicaments than majority is apparent, this makes clear, fragrance has the very powerful effect that affects mentation.

The chemical composition of fragrance can pass mouth, bazoo and skin to absorb enter human body. These composition can achieve the whole body circularly through blood each place. Sensitive crowd is caused extremely easily headache (especially migraine) , sneeze, shed difficulty of tear, breath, giddy, sore throat, bosom frowsty, activity is excessive (in children particularly remarkable) wait for a symptom.

Need is special those who point out is, children suffers balmy agent more easily than adult to affect. Regretful is, on the market almost all infant things added balmy agent. The parent often sprays the word of perfume, the air that child place breathes beside meeting drug, cause child attention to be not centered, study obstacle, activity is excessive, serious can cause the harm such as convulsions, stunt even. The female uses perfume for a long time, can make the chemical composition of perfume is accumulated inside body, infantile health can be damaged through milk when lactation.
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