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10 bottles of renown perfume recall classical time

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Of 20 time sweet (1921) : CHANEL No5

A Philippine fisher, walk into a costly high-quality goods inn in, he says any words without the mouth, it is Shenyang silent ground extends 5 finger only, bought a bottle of perfume that he wants. NO5, 5 perfume of CHANEL, let 5 make a of perfume group magic number, represent a beautiful legend.

Why to name be NO5? This is the question that a lot of people see place of this bottle of perfume is mutual suddenly. The 5 lucky numbers that are Ms. COCOCHANEL; Her of Leo birthday, on August 25; In favour of tone sweet division Ni Sibo presents sweet Nai in the numerous perfume sample of children person, she chose the 5th; And of NO5 perfume publish date, just be in on May 25, the 5th fashionable dress publishs as it happens and CHANEL can hold at the same time.

Be in early the NO5 that was born 1921, it is the first perfume that rolls out by dress stylist, ever since, this becomes target of a kind of fame, each fashionable dress stylist, it is honor in order to have his perfume. Sweet Nai children person roll out perfume, because she holds to the concept of TOTALLOOK from beginning to end,be, gift so the perfume of feminine fragrance, of course naturally is indispensable. NO5 also is the perfume that the first aldehyde spends fragrant air, because Ms. CHANEL thinks the woman ought not to have the taste of the rose only, and the affiliation that passes through aldehyde, let work the sweet shift of bottle of perfume, be full of a turn and more rich and moving.

Of 20 time sweet (1925) : 1001 night of GUERLAIN Shalimar

Shalimar is the name of a lot of beautiful gardens, it is indicative a romantic love story; SHALIMAR is charming of perfume old and well-known family orchid (GUERLAIN) famous perfume, translated term is 1001 night in. Rarely of Sha Jie of fabulous India great emperor is extremely favorite female singer of his peaceful of the wife of a prince, the monarch of the control the forces of nature in this kingdom in him, still be like worldly like any common men, exhaust can the ground, the hope wins beautiful woman exultation. For this, he gave orders to make a lot of beautiful gardens, here, he and peaceful female singer stroll hand in hand, sing sing murmur, pour out love, in the feminine eye that is infatuated with deeply in this him, he discovered another more beautiful world. These leave the garden of two people footmark, name SHALIMAR, SHALIMAR is Sanskrit, original intention is the shrine of love.
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