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What scent is righter give mother

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Proposal one

3 drip all one's life curtilage the water of lifetime, absolutely not make public.
White body does not have redundant adornment, suit your tenderness modest and drop mom most cheap place is bought on ~ net, 30 milliliter probably 200 much.
Look for a bit better shop to buy ~~ the much ~ of fake not very of this perfume

Do not want the 5th highway of Maiyadu. . Completely absolutely not tender. . Do not know why to have the sort of kind of cinnamonic sweet taste. . To very tender female simply too strange.
Still have green tea. . Bottle is too gloomy also bird. . . Flavour also slants girl. . .
Still calculate. . Stay sweet short also.

Perfume quietly elegant of Ba Baoli while the chill feeling that always contains type of a kind of Ying Lun. .
Do not belong to the sort of quietly elegant of Wen Wan. . . So. .

Of DIOR more calculated. . Do not suit low-key mom. Ha

Proposal 2

Of the Bao Li that buy Ba, pure and fresh quietly elegant, suit particularly middleaged the woman that has temperament is used, still have elegant pausing green tea is very pretty good also ah, it is very good choice

Proposal 3

The 5th Avenue of Elizabeth Arden the 5th highway - as if to be surrounded by Pi Cao and velvet, elegant and spell able;

The Still- of Jennifer.Lopez this perfume once conquered my Mom, my aunt still has me at the same time little one's mother's sister ……

The Tendre Poison tender bane of CD;

The Amarige - of Givenchy is very classical very pleasant also.


I feel the treasures He Yashi Lan Dai joyous ooze perfume of LANCOME suits very much, relaxed and delightful, mature lasting appeal does not lose young state of mind again, because unless your Mom uses perfume of be used to, it is perfume amounts to a person, otherwise DIOR CHANEL the sort of calculate weak perfume your Mom is certain also be unable to stand, still what ANNA SUI waits the bottle of perfume eccentric a moment, seductive and bewitching flavour, the girl is used it is OK to use, your Mom gives you an outer part with 9 at most, can use not quite later!

The female that the individual feels many years old 40 should not like the sort of very of old mannish sweet.

Since not the BABY TOUCH that make public is inferior to trying Ba Baoli.

Cannot say is sweet, but very special, resemble the flavour of a little baby. Darling.

Probably when your mom can remember you still are a little baby accordingly. ~ ,

And also do not calculate expensive. 100ML 550 left and right sides. Buy to mom, I feel very good.

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