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The car is sweet article choose applied whole strategy

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The car has become a lot of people's indispensable associate now, more somebody regarded the car as oneself home. Domestic flavour must aroma is delightful, then, the car is sweet article had become the boy or girl friend that car a group of things with common features pays close attention to increasingly.

The car uses sweet class model

Current, on the market commonly used sweet article basically have gas fog model, fluid bodily form and solid bodily form 3 kinds.

Gas mist car is used sweet article basically comprise by essence or dissolvent, it can cover a car inside certain and special peculiar smell, for instance boot flavour, nicotian flavour, fishlike smell is mixed puppy appreciate, but volatilize speed is splitting. Liquid car is used sweet article commonner, mix by essence and volatile dissolvent and become, want than solid balm fragrance thick, duration is long, send out slow, chang Chengfang is in all sorts of having in artistic formative container, usable 2 to 3 months. Solid car is used sweet tasting basically is mix essence with a few material, next pressurization shapes, can use two months left and right sides.

In addition, the car of the make it such as the fragrant flower that if fragrance fabric is made,still a few is use, artistic stage pen that makes with fragrance pottery and porcelain is used sweet article.

The car is used sweet tasted popular cause

Generally speaking, the car is used sweet if be yellow is lemon,taste sweet, grass green is Qing Ping fruit is sweet, pink for strawberry sweet, peak green is deal sweet, purple is a grape sweet, ivory for jasmine sweet, baby blue or virescent for field mint sweet, tangerine is cherry sweet.

Good car is used sweet article sweet source is main with fruit is sweet be in the majority, the flower is sweet next, drug is popular again. Return additionally some are more additional kind fragrant air, for example: Silvan attune is the woodiness aroma that the floral root such as Tan Mu, Song Bai and cauline place send out, aroma is abiding and implicative. Still have elegant transparent the marine set that presents empty quick lasting appeal, even a few new sweet mix can from which appreciate gives speed and charm of dangerous modern energy of life. Sweet tasting is by tone sweet division is opposite commonly natural synthetic flavor is abstracted through what relapse and choose, all sorts of essence become to making according to certain proportion, aroma is abiding, and some flavor that extract from inside natural plant still are had antiseptic the effect that removes peculiar smell.

The car is used sweet tasted effect

The car is used sweet article have a plenty of to eliminate peculiar smell, have a plenty of regain consciousness to let cerebrum, and have a plenty of to keep buoyant. When driving, should notice to maintain the state of mind of a kind of balance, might as well it is better to choose calm effect sweet model, can flabby nerve waits the flower sweet smell with sweet Qing Dynasty of the cool and refreshing herb fragrance, amber fragrance of peaceful person, field mint fragrance, fruit fragrance a moment. Businessman report, the lady buys Dan Ning Meng the comparison with sweet, sweet apple is much, the man buys nature sweet, Gu Longxiang, amber sweet more. These are the most recipient flavour when people is driving, but if long-distance drive can avoid a few sweet of be bored with those who make a person dozy become aware is sweet model.
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