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Teach you to discern test tube perfume (card edition perfume) true and false

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Perfume of so called tube namely character and quality goods are same, with the perfume that tries piping outfitting, some tube perfume has sprinkler head, some has cover only.

Test tube perfume is the try out outfit that buys bottles of big perfume to send commonly, but be being cleaned out on the net also is quite substantial, 10 come piece can buy, often can change different taste. But now the fake of cosmetic galley proof on the net is very much, test tube perfume is same also, when Ou Gang begins to buy medium action, for everybody GG, MM is not duped, share next him results occasionally, hope everybody likes. Want to divide true and false, can from the shower nozzle, capacity, lot number, straw, resolution that pack, specific:

1. Shower nozzle: If test tube perfume has the word of shower nozzle, card does not roll the sprinkler head of tube of most quality goods to death, unplug ability pulls out forcibly, but most false tube is to use whorl to twist what go up in body, can twist very easily.

2. Capacity: The test tube perfume of quality goods is 0.X commonly to 2ml, (those who love Ma Shi have 4ml so much, but of quality goods tube or 1-2ml for how) , so much without 5ml, the perfume of the edition of Q of meeting make it of 5ml, namely very the bottle that confuses you, narrow the exterior of large bottle 10 come times, if buy perfume has 5ml so much, and it is to install those who be inside test tube, can deciding basically is fake.

3. Lot number:  is useless door  adds the? that believe  to have at least, the perfume lot number of card edition is built in scent-bottle commonly or outer packing is rear, if bottle is mixed,pack the word that has lot number, those two lot number can are opposite for certain the; that go up is sham perfume won't have lot number commonly, but also meet some likelihoods.

4. Straw: The straw of quality goods perfume is very straight, because the precision of treatment is tall, can accomplish so just arrive bottom, not much not little also; Fake machines precision difference, accident control is bad, dou Ning is so long not short, grow straw lane and curve shape.

5. Pack: Of quality goods pack presswork whole looks more delicate, of character of brand, service instruction presswork special clarity, ambiguous without font phenomenon and printing ink diffuse wait for a circumstance, especially service instruction character is felt with finger tip can have apparent bulgy feeling, and brush do not drop. And of sham goods pack look from whole coarser, service instruction character looks faintness, printing ink diffuses phenomenon, feel without bulgy feeling, and very easy erase.

Finally, the quality goods tube because of each is not same produce inside the factory, also do not have very specific standard so, what write above is the thing of some of general character only, offer everybody to consult.
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