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How does perfume choose when romantic tryst

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Although say, with need not perfume, how to use perfume, it is extremely subjective attitude, with status position, savour on any account to have nothing to do. But, in this romantic day, picking a scent that suits atmosphere still is very necessary. Delicate flower is sweet the mature lasting appeal that cannot release you, fruit is sweet model aroma too show babyish, hua Guoxiang's shirt-sleeve aroma can reflect your sexy sweetness more.

Perfume is mixed build learn

Have a paragraph of classical conversation, young boy says to young girl: Why should you buy “ so much perfume? You should carry a smell that likes most, use all the time, that ability is the flavour that belongs to you. ”

The girl says ill-affectedly: How may “ have the taste that perfume is myself? Every perfume whole world has hundred thousands of and even millions of people are being used, I am unique however, my perfume collocation just is my style! ”

Yes, perfume is most that tender feelings of popular feeling of press close to, must with obdurate manner, collocation gives the taste that he admires most.

Small stick person:

1 in mix before building perfume must taste below foretaste, if match badly, can appear a few more peculiar taste. The simplest test method is: In on the gush on handkerchief a few different perfume, single out first-rate scale, perhaps buy a bottle of special perfume small spurt, had allocated perfume in proportion first, next again gently gush is on him body.

2 actually, mix oneself the perfume that build to send him your as the gift, also be right choice. In the man perfume of Mu Xiangnong gloomy, add a few contain the scent with sweet flower, can make immediately odour becomes soft rise, very surprise letting a person.

3 additional, if you have fun at,oneself learn the word of balmy knowledge, might as well buy oil of essence of life and flavor proper motion to allocate. The first time if containing scent, ask foretaste to use lavender essence oil, because lavender essence oil is mixed almost other oil of all essence of life can match each other.

Fragrance directs “ foreplay ”

Enjoy romantic 2 people dinner, evening show movies ends, it is moment, this agreement that directs a desire. Fragrance can wake up the man's smell not only, still can promote other sensory susceptibility. Cover his eye, in him body different position uses distinct fragrance. For example: Will nod a rose in side side sweet, perfume of the jasmine on cervical besmear, alvine get on two to be able to drip rummy, the directional …… that lets him delaying aroma with nose until cannot control oneself.

Of course, you are OK also and alluring he and you come a bath of romantic sweet atmosphere hubble-bubble. Buy a few lavender, essence of chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord is oily, hot water is added in bath crock, if drop is romantic essence, enjoy the sweet atmosphere bath of sweet sweetness together with him. Lean close to is in of sweet atmosphere you, regular meeting spends a close happy night.
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