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Menard perfume Japan

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Menard perfume, the body of 3 designs fills order of cropland of island of painter of Japanese famous West classic feeling. Savour the jackknife, longing that adorns future, the scent of jackknife, the aftertaste of jackknife. Jackknife is sweet suit believe in art, pursuit particularly of distinct personality you. Count kind of elite, delicate harmony, cause a miracle on perfume history. Stimulative female is hormonal excretive FE is balmy, the grace that allows a woman, beautiful, self-confidence overlaps and give …… jackknife is sweet be by chapter of cropland of island of painter of Japanese famous West a when admire a design 3 unique perfume. Its inheritance of thing culture pithy, what deducing perfume world with peculiar fragrance and particular design is classical. Be in unsymmetrical, inky, the assemble on the bottle that has burnish feeling painter is right beautiful consciousness, reveal the artistic value with high favorable balance of trade, combined Japan ably to spend the design of knot, created surmount new beautiful world, it is art and beautiful couple.

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