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Chanel perfume develops the history

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Original name of Chanel patriarch Coco Chanel “Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel”, was born in French Auvergne 1883. The mother when she is 6 years old dies, father more drop she and sister of additionally 4 brother. From this, she brings up an adult by her maternal aunt, when into read nun courtyard school (Convent School) , learn to get skill needlework skill over. In she is that 22 years old years, namely 1905, she should go up ”(Cafe Singer) of singer of “ coffee hall, removed stage name “Coco” , support oneself in different song office and coffee hall sing for a living. In limit of schoolgirl of this paragraph of song, coco early or late associate with two old customers, the lover that becomes them is intimate, one is British industry home, another is rich officer. Associate with VIPs, your Coco has economic capacity to open his store.

1910, coco opened a female store that hold a hat in Paris (Millinery Shop) , by write extraordinary needlework skill, tailor gives an another top pattern concise be able to bear or endure the label that read. Two her bosom friends introduced many distinguished personages visitors for her. Ladies already were tired of a flower to act the role of an edge opportunely at that time, the cap with so concise Chanel is general to Gan Quan is just as for them cool and refreshing. A year short inside, the business rises successively, coco moves her store to temperament more fashionable (the Rue Cambon of Fashionable) , up to now the base area that this area still is Chanel headquarters. Do a cap to cannot satisfy Coco to be opposite absolutely the great ambition of fashionable dress career, so she marchs advanced order an uniform (the domain of Haute Couture) . 1914, coco opened store of two fashionable dress, the declare of Chanel of fashionable dress brand with influence far-reaching later ages is born formally.

Enter 20 age, chanel designed the pattern of many innovation, for example knitting jack-tar skirt (miniskirt of Tricot Sailor Dress) , black (Little Black Dress) , goblet gets a garment to wait. And, coco obtains inspiration from men's clothing, put on flavour of many bits of manhood for female outfit, change in those days the fashion of blown away by wind of figured woven silk material with female egregious and gorgeous outfit. For example, business suit Lv (Blazer) joins female outfit in series, roll out female outfit trousers again. Do not forget, can wear skirt only in 20 time female. This a chain of creation is Coco modern fashionable dress history bring great revolution. The distinctive opinion with aesthetic to fashionable dress Coco and the talent that see inaccessibly, make her associate with many poets, painter and intellectual member. There is Picasso of the abstract Great Master that draw a clique in her friend (poet of Picasso) , France is directed still. Gaokeduo (Jean Cocteau) is waited a moment. Temporarily tasteful Confucianism elegant, be French fashionable dress and the gold period that art develops.
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